Training and Support

“97% of People Fail Because of the System and Not Because of the Person – And We Have a System in Place that Works!”


We take your success very seriously and you are not alone. We are devoted to our families just as we are devoted to our teammates and we have world class training, educational videos, and support sites. We have regular conference calls with Doctors, business leaders as well as local, regional and national events so that we can learn as well as be recognized for our accomplishments.

Your first year is very important and we want to talk and customize a plan so that you can acheive what you want out of this business. Call me, Ashley Smith at (808) 222-3604  or e-mail me via the conatct form below, so that we can go over our 5 step plan. When two or three people get together, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.

To Your Success!